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Assotiations Game

rss ENGLISH ANYWAY 20 августа 2010
Тина Байнакова


Let's play the Associations game.

Here's the rules. Someone's starts to pick a word. "Music", for example. Then, next person should write the word he associate with the music. And so on. Extremically easy but fun! Let's Do it!

If U're do not mind, I'll be first :)


  • Adl JBSD Adl JBSD 21 августа 2010, в 16:42:14
    Being friend is a different from being friendly…
    • Тина Байнакова Тина Байнакова 23 августа 2010, в 01:21:31
      Sorry, Adilet, but I guess U didn't get the rules of game. U should write just one word, u r associating with Friends. Friends- Party — Games- Mafia- Al Capone — Gun… Ans so on. Waiting for ur response)
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