some words about ecology (На конкурс!)

rss Первый Казахстанский Эко-Этно ФЕСТИВАЛЬ "ЭmotionЭvolution" 28-30 АВГУСТА 24 августа 2010
Виктория Майкович

So we compare the ecology. We talk about the soul ecology, about the body ecology, about ecology of ourselves. Then we discuss about how we can improve it and make it better. Is it egoistic? Yes.
Now you’re looking at your screen reading this text, aren’t you? So… Stand up! Quickly! Get up and go out the house. Is there any tree? Naturally yes. Come to it. Do you see its foliage? Come closer to the tree. Look at the one of its leaves. Scrutinize it. This is the perfect creature. You’re still alive due to this leave. Realize these words and keep them in your mind.
Is this leave worthwhile to save it?
Last, there’re some words about ecology itself. Everybody know the word “ecology” is from Greek word “oikos” meaning house, home or environment. Don’t you want to improve your ecology? Will you stay clean being surrounded by the dirt? You make yourself clean clearing your environment.
Was it a good slogan above?
P.S. People, please, strike the fishing off the festival program! I thought it was an eco-festival. I eat fish and so on… But a couple of fishing-free days will be more helpful for the nature than two fishing-days I think. Riding’d like to be crossed out too … Well; even if you strike out fishing it’ll be cool.

  • -->...MiLa9 EgOisTochka...<-- -->...MiLa9 EgOisTochka...<-- 28 августа 2010, в 22:02:44
    Тыыы сама этО_о всЕ приДумала???)
    • Виктория Майкович Виктория Майкович 28 августа 2010, в 22:08:42
      ээээмммм а тут есть кто-то еще?
      • -->...MiLa9 EgOisTochka...<-- -->...MiLa9 EgOisTochka...<-- 28 августа 2010, в 22:11:30
        ХихИ моЛодец крУто_О… РеСпЕкТ теБе=)) УмНиЦа)))
    • Виктория Майкович Виктория Майкович 28 августа 2010, в 22:10:48
      на самом деле нет, мне это горы сказали.
      Я по ущелью шла… шла… скучно как-то… и тут про конкурс вспомнила, ну и спросила у гор. А они КААААК ответили… ;D
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