Елизавета свет-Сергеевна Манцевич

24 года
Всегда будет тот, кого надо спасти. Всегда будет тот, кто спасет.
bla-bla-bla 22 января 2014

Last year was hard… And I thought that I would be happy when it ended… But now looking back I think that last year was the best year in my life… It was full of fun, good friends and carelessness. We were preparing for final exam. Every hour of our life was busy with school and we looked like squ

Blogging 20 января 2014

So… They say that blogging in English is good language practice… That's why I decided to try=)<img src="/userdata/45748/blogpost_photos/829e42313e13f36e68